Sunday 9th July – The Cost – Elder Martin Finegan

There are several peaks in the book of John. The pinnacle is Thomas’ declaration, ‘My Lord and my God’ (John 20:28). Here, we find one of the significant peaks in Jesus’ journey.

As the crowds of people follow him to what can be identified as his base in Capernaum, he makes a declaration that seems counter-intuitive to sustaining a large following. They respond to his ‘hard teaching’ by turning away.

The Christian faith is often presented as the solution to all life’s problems, and from the point of receiving Christ, life becomes a joyful walk down a sunny path, leaving all tears and sorrow behind. Yet the scriptures present a different picture.

When Jesus calls the believer to pick up their cross, we must embrace the fact that the call is often attached to suffering of some kind.

The question is, will you remain?

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Key Scriptures
John 6:53-70

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Sunday 9th July – The Cost – Elder Martin Finegan
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