About Us

If you have visited our fellowship, you would (I am sure) have received a warm welcome and would have been stirred by the family atmosphere that emanates from this group of Christians.
The People’s Christian Fellowship is a very friendly group of people, who are being transformed into their creative purpose. This is through faith in Jesus Christ, by becoming true worshippers, who are passionate about serving their risen and exalted Lord, serving each other and committing themselves to the proclamation of his good news.

Our Mission Statement

We recognise the ‘Great Commission’ conferred upon the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ, as a principal charge to which we are committed (Matt.28:18-20). This, we will complete, through persistent prayer and through the commitment of each member and church departments.

Through evangelismpreachingteachinguse of information technologyhouse groupspastoral care, social care and the individual development of a worshipful lifestyle, we anticipate, that the effect of the kingdom of God will be released. This will result in the manifestation of God’s original intention – that mankind might be restored to a right relationship with Him, resulting in the wholeness of body, soul and spirit.

We encourage everyone to pursue the will of God.  Looking steadfastly to Jesus, because he is the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews.12: 2).