Our History

The People’s Christian Fellowship has been established since 1956.  It’s name was born out of the fact that when believers from the Caribbean came to the UK, their search for a Christian place of worship was not without its difficulties. With letters of recommendation from their home churches, many were greeted with hostility from the established churches here. Because of these challenges, some previously active Christians simply stopped attending church altogether.

St Botolph Church Hall, Bishopsgate, LondonIn light of this, the word went out amongst friends that a Christian social gathering would be taking place

The natural progression from this point was to establish a church fellowship to serve the spiritual necessities of these believers.  They called this gathering ‘The People’s Christian Fellowship’. The name was intended to be a statement that all peoples – regardless of background, denomination or ethnicity – would be welcomed to worship the Lord with this group.

The Church was setup as an independent evangelical church. Denominational variances of the group were laid aside, and the focus became its unity, the gospel message and biblical teaching.

PCF Building Today, Tottenham

The Church today has not moved far from it’s original core practices and beliefs.  There is still a strong emphasis on the teachings of the Word of God, prayer, Christian living, evangelism and support for missions. The family unit was always a key feature for this group, as was fellowship and worship; these are very much seen today.

Today, the People’s Christian Fellowship has charitable status, owns it’s own place of worship and has acquired another property to fulfil it’s community obligation.

We have many gifted people who are committed to this church and who serve with a spirit of excellence. Our aim is to equip and encourage them, so that the mission of this church is fulfilled and the gospel message reaches as many people as possible.  At the same time, the active service of each member, aids their own personal spiritual development and walk with the Lord.