Sunday School

PCF Sunday School

Sunday-SchoolThe Sunday School Department continues to provide an opportunity for children and young adults to learn and be encouraged in their faith.

This ministry holds a vital role within the church. Its sole purpose is to nurture the faith of those who attend.

It is to further their understanding of scripture by incorporating a number of methods and teaching styles.

These methods include storytelling, creative learning, games, the media, arts, crafts and general discussions.

We have an all aged Sunday school department here at PCF ranging from 2-18 years old.

There is also an adult class for members and visitors of any age providing an opportunity to discuss and learn more about the word of God.

We try to create an environment that is welcoming and friendly. We want our children and young adults to enjoy learning about their faith and our aim is to continue to keep them engaged.

Sunday School currently runs every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.