Getting Involved

We are delighted to have guests who are both Christians and non-Christians, and we are also glad when they want to get involved. However, Scripture is clear that the church itself consists only of those who are believers in Jesus Christ. Therefore, while we rejoice for people who are not Christians to attend and to get to know the church and its people, full involvement in the church is only possible for those who are Christians.
If you are not a Christian, we would love to help you find out more about Jesus Christ and why knowing him is absolutely essential for every person. Speak to someone at PCF about your journey to knowing Christ.

If you are a Christian, here is how you can get involved in the church:


  • Come to Sunday corporate worship services and midweek fellowship groups.
  • Meet with church members and leaders after church and during the week.
  • Know what we believe and value.
  • Read the Some Things We Believe of this site.
  • Speak to church leadership about membership of PCF.

Here are the requirements to join our church:

  1. Be baptised as a believer.
  2. Become a member of PCF.
  3. Develop relationships with people in the church.

Don’t wait, find an area of need at PCF and jump in!  Don’t wait until you believe you know everything. Stay teachable and willing to learn.  If you are unsure of the areas of need, the church leaders can assist you.