Sunday 5th February – Get Up! – Elder Martin Finegan

As Jesus arrives at the gate of Jerusalem, he encounters people desiring to be healed of the body and mind. His question and call were enough to enable one man to rise, realise and relocate.

As many of us reposition and relocate this year, let us walk with confidence that God has called us to obey, mobilise, realise, and move. The aim is to develop and grow according to his calling but in the shadow of his holiness

Join us for our service at 10:30am.

Key Scriptures
John 5:1-30

Spring Into Action

Daily Bible Challenge 2023

Pastoral Support or general enquires.
If you have any questions or concerns at the moment, or you have a pastoral need, email or call 020 8801 1873.

Tithes and Offerings

Thank you for your Giving!!

Sunday 5th February – Get Up! – Elder Martin Finegan
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