Sunday 16th June – How can we control our speech? – Pastor David Daniel

In today’s sermon, we return to our series entitled “Christian Life Questions 101, Part 4.” Pastor David considers James chapter 3 and the vital role of controlling our speech as a reflection of our spiritual maturity and standing before God.

Drawing from various scriptures, he highlights how our words have immense power and are capable of blessing and cursing.

Key points include understanding the significance of speech, how it reveals our closeness to God and our maturity in Christ, and identifying common sins of speech such as boasting and swearing. The sermon highlights the contradiction of using the same tongue to both bless God and curse others and provides guidance on how to exercise control over our speech victoriously.

The answer to the question may be surprising. Still, every believer has the capacity to tame their tongues and align their speech with their faith, reflecting Christ-like character in their words and actions.

Be very blessed.

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Key Scripture
James 3:1-18

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Sunday 16th June – How can we control our speech? – Pastor David Daniel