Sunday 14th May – The Price is the Price – Elder Martin Finegan

A visit to the supermarket is a revelatory experience these days. As we weave the aisles filling our basket with essentials and wants, the final stop at the checkout can prove to be a confusing experience. The number of items in the bag doesn’t reflect the total on the till readout.

Even though the two may not seem balanced, you have no choice but to pay the price.

As we seek to achieve our goals in life, a sacrifice will be necessary, whether the goal is to achieve educational attainment or a healthier lifestyle through a commitment to regular exercise. The journey will demand your time, focus and energy as you bridge the gap between thought and accomplishment.

There is only one means by which we can attain peace with God and eternal life, but there is no way we can pay the price. What can we give to God in exchange for his grace and mercy? Let us spend a few moments assessing our eternal balance sheet, giving God thanks that the price has been paid for us in the Christ.

Join us for our regular 10:30 am service.

Sunday Service, 14th May

Key Scripture
John 1: 29
Matthew 11: 1-11

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Sunday 14th May – The Price is the Price – Elder Martin Finegan
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