Sunday 8th January – I choose to believe the Word of the Lord – Pastor David Daniel

Thank God for the many people who serve in various occupational fields doing all they can to help their fellow man. We are grateful for the expertise and wisdom of people. However…

we are ‘humankind,’ created by God with a God-given purpose. Scientists, doctors, politicians, engineers, volunteers, civil servants, community leaders, and religious leaders, we are grateful for them all. Still, with all the good intentions and expertise at our disposal, our world is off track, disunited and pulling apart. Do you agree? 

Do you believe in the goodwill of man? I do, but it’s way too short. Just consider and compare the pole extremities of poverty and excessive luxury. How can we possibly make it work? I just cannot see it. Undeniably, mankind has acquired great knowledge and understanding, but we do not have the capacity to make things better. Wars will continue, and new conflicts will emerge. Disappointedly, crime will not be conquered, and greed will not dissipate.

What hope do we have? The answer for Pastor Dave may not be the most favoured in the corridors of public opinion, but this is the attitude he hopes to motivate the church to espouse in 2023, to choose to believe the Word of the Lord above all and despite absolutely everything else.

Have a happy and blessed 2023

Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with your good blessings, and you leave abundance in your wake.​​
(NET Bible)

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Key Scripture
Isaiah 40:3-8

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Sunday 8th January – I choose to believe the Word of the Lord – Pastor David Daniel
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