Sunday 28th January – Extra Oil – Pastor David Daniel

After a brief recap of his most recent sermons, inspired by PCF’s 2024 Spiritual objective, “Be watchful…stay alert” (Matthew 24:42), Pastor David brings a concluding thought this week.

This sermon, titled “Extra Oil,” focuses on Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 25:1-13. Jesus moves on from answering questions about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem to addressing questions regarding His second coming. The emphasis here now shifts to being ready.

Through parables and a dramatically vivid scene of the final judgment, Jesus now emphasises the unpredictable nature of His return, highlighting a clear distinction between the ‘prepared’ and the ‘unprepared.’

The spotlight falls on the parable of the five foolish bridesmaids, underscoring the importance of spiritual preparedness. The metaphor of having enough oil symbolises readiness for Christ’s return, urging believers to be certain of their relationship with Christ and spiritually ready for His imminent return.

Sunday 28th January – Extra Oil – Pastor David Daniel

Key Scripture
Matthew 25:1-13

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Sunday 28th January – Extra Oil – Pastor David Daniel
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