Sunday 21st January – Round Eight: The Unparalleled Takeover – Pastor David Daniel

This week, Pastor David employs the metaphor of a boxing match to encourage the congregation to view each week’s sermon, so far, as a round in a critical bout.

During Weeks 1-3, the focus was on the revelation of the secret of being ready, emphasising faithful service and the joy of inclusion in the Lord’s Kingdom. Weeks 4-7 delved into the New Covenant, redemption through Christ’s blood, and establishing a new temple, causing setbacks for the adversary.

As the sermon moves into Round 8, Pastor David points out that the opponent is now on the ropes and unlikely to endure the round. This week’s central theme revolves around the unparalleled takeover, connected to the completed work of Jesus Christ and the imminent arrival of His Kingdom.

While divergent opinions may exist regarding the interpretation of Matthew 24, and this sermon doesn’t address these in great depth, it does with confidence focus on Matthew 24:29-31, where Jesus uses apocalyptic language to depict a cosmic upheaval to the heavenly elements. This signifies God’s intervention and the ultimate transfer of power on the Day of the Lord. As emphasised by Pastor David, the unparalleled takeover represents the establishment of God’s eternal kingdom through the transformative work of His Victorious Son, Jesus the Christ.

Let the church say Amen!

Sunday Service – 21st January – Round Eight: The Unparalleled Takeover

Key Scripture
Matthew 24:29-31

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Sunday 21st January – Round Eight: The Unparalleled Takeover – Pastor David Daniel
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