Sunday 27th February – Making Jesus smile – Pastor David Daniel

It may not be something we often think about, possibly because of how we rightly acknowledge the sanctity of the Messiah; however, at times, Jesus our Lord and saviour clearly exhibited human emotions.

Jesus cried, and on another occasion, he was upset with the activity of money changing in the temple court, so He literally drove them out. Today we consider an important matter which made Jesus not only smile but express exuberant joy.

Today, it could be postulated that churchgoers have become too preoccupied with their own pleasures. Christianity seemly too often to revolve around ourselves, our joy, our needs and desires. So, it would do us well today to appreciate and pursue what makes Christianity relevant and pleasing from our Lord’s perspective.

Making Jesus smile

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Key Scriptures
Luke 10:17-20; Luke 10:21

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Sunday 27th February – Making Jesus smile – Pastor David Daniel
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