Sunday 24th October – How to Preserve Christ-centric Relationships – Pastor David Daniel

In our previous service, we concentrated on the fact that Jesus did not come to abolish the Law of God but to fulfil it. His disagreement with the Pharisees was based on His accurate and deeper understanding of God’s law.

In today’s text, we see how Jesus equates the judicial sentence for anger against a fellow brother or sister in Christ, within the same bracket as per the person who breaks the 6th Commandment – ‘thou shalt not kill.’ Since it is impossible for any earthly court to accurately impute a judgment on a person’s inner feelings and thoughts, Jesus is claiming that these cases will be settled in God’s court.

What Jesus is implicating may seem radical, but Jesus wants each of His disciples to respect and love each other. We will see in today’s service that our regard for each other and the health of our relationships affects whether or not our worship of God is acceptable to Him. Thankfully, the scripture provides practical outworking’s to keep our Christian relationships Christ-centric.

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Key Scripture
Matthew 5:21-26

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Sunday 24th October – How to Preserve Christ-centric Relationships – Pastor David Daniel
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