Sunday 12th November – Thursday Night – Elder Martin Finegan

As we move through the Gospel of John we arrive at a point where the writer slows down and increases the details regarding the events that will change human history forever. Where 12 chapters cover (minus the prologue in 1:1-18) a period of about 33 years, the 9 chapters from 13 to 21 will cover a matter of weeks.

As chapters 13-17 reveal some of the events that took place the Thursday night before the crucifixion, it is important we engage with the words, actions, and lessons relayed by our saviour in his final moment before paying the price for our justification.

This Sunday morning, we will be contemplating Jesus’ love toward his disciples and his example for every believer.

Key Scripture
John 13: 1-20

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Sunday 12th November – Thursday Night – Elder Martin Finegan
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