This year we focus on Prayer


After last year’s focus on Unity.

This year’s objectives are founded upon the subject of prayer.

We hope that by the end of the year, we might appreciate even more fully the importance and necessity of prayer and that it might be especially founded on a healthy understanding of Gods Word.

We hope that prayer will not only be prioritised by each department this year but that each individual attendee might sense the importance of practising the biblically based principles both personally and collectively.

Prayer rebalances our community. Prayer stops the enemy from having his own way. Even though our Lord is being shut out, our faith in praying to Him, keeps the door wide open for Him to intervene and affect our world. Prayer in a way gives the Lord permission to act, it is a means to which He has ordained and blessed us with so that His will might be accomplished on the earth through our prayers. In prayer, we align ourselves with His purpose, desire, and will.

Our ministry objective’s document is available under our resources section.

This year we focus on Prayer
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