Sunday 15th May – Pursuing God’s Bigger Plan – Pastor David Daniel

“Wait on the Lord”, the bible says, but that is easier said than done. Pastor David today suggests that we get tempted and impatient in our seasons of waiting because we are far too often only contemplating the smaller picture.

Sarai, the wife of Abraham, became impatient, waiting for the fulfilment of God’s promise. This opened the door to avoidable trouble due to her impatience. If only she remained focused on God’s bigger plan, which was 100% guaranteed to be fulfilled, then she would have saved herself from the stress and tension that developed in her home due to her not waiting.

Let us then look for God’s bigger plan and patiently and faithfully pursue this with the confidence that it must be fulfilled, to the glory of His name.

Join us this Sunday for our 10:30 am service.

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Key Scripture
Genesis 16:1-16 ; Matthew 6:33-34

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Sunday 15th May – Pursuing God’s Bigger Plan – Pastor David Daniel
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