Sunday 7th January – The Secret to Being Ready – Pastor David Daniel

In Matthew 24:36-42, Jesus discusses His second coming, emphasising the uncertainty of the exact time or date. He emphasises the importance of continual watchfulness and readiness for this greatly anticipated event.

Drawing a parallel to Noah’s time, where people were caught unawares by the flood, Jesus warns that many will similarly be unprepared for His return with comparably tragic results. Moreover, Pastor Dave presents a thought-provoking perspective for consideration: is this passage primarily directed at unbelievers, or is it a message specifically meant for the church? Furthermore, what does it truly mean to be ‘watchful’ in the context of this well-known passage? What does ‘being watchful’ or ‘being ready’ look like?

Sunday Service – The Secret to being ready!

Key Scripture
Matthew 24:36-42

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Sunday 7th January – The Secret to Being Ready – Pastor David Daniel
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