Sunday 6th March – This is why the Church must smile – Pastor David Daniel

When you smile at a person, what happens? The person you are smiling at usually smiles back at you. Let’s look at this… Join us for our service, this Sunday at 10:30am.

Smiling in many cultures is a means of communication. It informs people how you are feeling about things at a given time.

Last week’s sermon was entitled ‘Making Jesus smile.’ we considered a passage in Luke’s gospel that highlighted the fact that Jesus rejoiced. He rejoiced in the fact that His disciples could see and be a part of His Kingdom mission, and they were witnessing it first hand and in great power.

The line of thinking in today’s message follows on, that if our saviour and Lord is expressing the emotion of happiness at the manifestation of His glorious kingdom then we, His followers – the church – should in faith, likewise express a joyful and confident demeanour, despite the challenges of life.

For if Christ is smiling, indeed, so should we.

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Key Scriptures
Isaiah 65:17–25 and Nehemiah 8:8-10

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Sunday 6th March – This is why the Church must smile – Pastor David Daniel
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