Kingdom Women – The Tabernacle – THANK YOU

Thank you to all of the people who attended our event held on Thursday, 21st April.

“The Relevance of the Tabernacle in the 21st Century”

The event was both interesting and informative on the relevance of the Tabernacle in the 21st century.

We had an amazing speaker Pastor Abbie who led the evening sharing her knowledge and understanding on this important topic – Please click here to see Pastor Abbie’s notes from the evening.

Please see feedback from some of the women who attended the praise and worship evening.

it was amazing because God is AMAZING…… I had a wonderful time in his presence. Thank you Jesus for all you do for me….

Really glad I went to today’s Outpouring of Praise.

It was awesome!”

The power of God moved in and outside the building. A wonderful evening. Could have stayed all night. Beautiful.

Praise God. The awesome presence of God moved outside to stop an incident that could have brought death in front of the church. God is definitely amazing.

Thank you Holy Spirit I had an awesome time in your presence… thank you for what you have done and what you are about to do for the church and outside of the church. Amen.

God is amazing, he dwells in us and was in the place.  Thank you Jesus.  The spirit of unity is present.

… yesterday as women, as sisters, as mothers, as daughters of the living God we were united in one accord and that spilled into the community and into that situation, the outcome of which could have been very different. Prayer and praise makes the difference. It gives us boldness to tread where in the flesh we dare not, where in the flesh we dare not speak. But in the Spirit all things are possible. To God be the glory.

I thank God for his awesome wonder, and he never fails to surprise us and show up and I thank him for showing up yesterday in every way. Praise God.

Amazing experience last night…. the Holy Spirit’s presence was definitely, overwhelmingly powerful. So glad I attended… I was truly blessed so was my friend. Thank you ladies, Thank you Father.”

Kingdom Women – The Tabernacle – THANK YOU
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