Sunday 19th December – ONLINE ONLY service

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the rapid spread of the virus, we have taken the decision to reduce the number of people entering the building.

This means our members and visitors will NOT be able to attend our Sunday Service at church this week, but will only be able to watch it online from 11:30am.

We apologise in advance as we know many of you look forward to our weekly gathering, but we have taken the decision with everyone in mind and for the safe protection of all.

Brethen, let us continue to pray for each other, for these are challenging times. Also please remember our church leaders as we seek the Lord’s direction in going forward.

The ministries of PCF endeavour to be of support for you. We can be contacted by email or telephone 020 8801 873.

Please stay connected and keep safe during this period of social distancing.

May God Bless and keep you.

Sunday 19th December – ONLINE ONLY service