Sunday 1st May – Deus Primum, God First – Pastor David Daniel

The words Deus means ‘God’ in Latin, and Primum is translated as ‘first’. Today’s sermon points directly at our collective failure in making God First in everything.

There are many interesting and worthy causes that successfully grab our attention. However, there are distractions, activities, and many apps that even the most committed amongst us are susceptible to becoming entrapped by.

These routines and habits see God relegated to a lesser place of interest, who then is only called upon when there is a need.

Pastor David today encourages the practice of Psalm 63:1 as a practical application for change so that God might be first again.

May the Lord bless you as you fellowship with us at 10:30 am.

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Sunday 1st May – Deus Primum, God First – Pastor David Daniel