Christmas Day Service

Join us for our Christmas day service. This year Pastor David Daniel brings the message entitled ‘A Saviour is born’.

The saying ‘Jesus Saves’ was once a very popular slogan amongst ‘Evangelising churches.’ It was a statement publicised on tee-shirts, badges, car bumper stickers, tracks and evangelistic posters. I believe that in our previous church building, this truth was never far from our peripheral vision. I am not sure why, but that raw and exclusive declaration doesn’t appear to be as prevalent in our language these days.

Christmas is all about the saviour who was born in Bethlehem. His purpose was to save, to save us from our sins and their consequences. It would be wrong to celebrate Christmas and not give time to the thought and implication of Christ’s mission and celebrate that accomplishment. He is more than a baby born. He is the saviour of the World. So be encouraged this Christmas; we still bear glad tidings.

The Messiah has obtained peace and reconciliation with our Father in heaven for us. So let us then, without any shame or embarrassment, proclaim from the depths of our hearts this wonderful and eternal Christmas truth:




We look forward to seeing you at 10:00 am.

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Key Scripture
Luke 2:1-11

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Christmas Day Service
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