Soulful Relationships

The purpose of Soulful Relationships is to :

1: To explore what wholeness in Christ entails and how to conduct oneself as a Christian man/woman.

2: To establish a platform of openness and honesty to speak about our issues, needs and faults without condemnation.

3: To create an environment that enables  the development  of a level of  accountability to each other and for each other, by building friendships with an individual/s with whom one can go to, to talk to, to ask for help and gain support, through prayer and counselling.

4:  To teach and educate individuals on how to manage all relationships as they are all different and therefore require different strategies. Thereby enabling individuals to identify exactly where they are at and what is the root of their circumstance, so that the process of healing can take place.  Particularly teaching on how to speak the word of God into our lives to start the process of change

5: To establish action points and strategies to assist individuals in their healing process, so that they can put these into practice in their own time, thereby taking responsibility for their own healing, while getting the necessary help and support.

6: To establish a social events notice board. Thereby encouraging the  action of meeting other men and women  in order to establish friendships.

Soulful relationships can never be separate or is it the intention to appear separate from the men’s, women’s and married couples ministry within PCF. It is the intention to have the support and involvement of these ministries, in partnership with soulful relationships, and to use these ministries as a channel to address topics particularly pertaining to issues that surround  men and women, whether you are  married, single, widowed, divorced or courting.