PCF Convention 2020 – FEARLESS FAITH!

Thank you for joining us for this year’s 3-day Annual Convention 2020.

Starting on the 30th of October for 3 nights, Convention was based on Daniel 3:22-25 (ESV) with the theme FEARLESS FAITH.

Friday 30th October
We had inspirational and uplifting music ministry from PCF’s Young People’s Department as well as our renowned soloist, choir and workshop leader, Ruth Lynch.

The growth of PCF’s Springfield Food Bank since the national lockdown in March was presented, explaining how we serve the local community. The message for the evening was presented by Minister Andrew Brandon based on the theme Fearless Faith.

Watch the session here:

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Saturday 31st October
Our very own award-winning PCF Choir delivered the positive message of God’s love and grace and faith! The rest of the evening consisted of an interactive Bible study based on the convention theme, where registered participants engaged with comments, questions, insights, and prayers.

Sunday 1st November
The PCF Choir continued to bless us with their vibrant and inspirational music ministry.

The creativity of the Young People’s Department was on display through a piece of drama where the concept of Fearless Faith was applied to a real-life situation.

This was followed by an encouraging time of testimonies where a few PCF members shared about God’s goodness and what He has done in their lives. In the current climate, with all the uncertainties and fears we pray that hearing about what God has done in the past, will increase our faith and give us the courage to move forward.

Convention ended with an inspirational sermon by our own Pastor David Daniel, equipping us with scriptural tools to enable us to live in fearless faith enabling us to stand amid the fire like Daniel and his friends.

Watch the session here:

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Speaker Profiles

Andrew Brandon

We once again welcome Andrew, to speak at PCF. Andrew is an itinerant Christian minister with literary and creative talents. He is a writer, playwright, broadcaster, presenter and an ‘imaginer’ and screenplay writer for film, TV, and radio. His work is characterised by ethical, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual themes. Forty years of work in a mosaic of cultures has given his writing an internationalism. Andrew is in demand as a Bible teacher, conference speaker and visiting lecturer.  He is a skilled communicator and has been a guest speaker in all major denominations.

Pastor David Daniel

Pastor David is co-pastor at PCF. He is committed to serving and influencing his local community in a positive way. He is a borough dean, police chaplain and chaired the Police clergy group. He has an incredibly positive demeanour and likes seeing people happy and enriched and growing in their relationship with Jesus. “I consider myself to be a worshiper of the true and living God therefore it is incumbent upon me to prioritise the proclamation of the gospel.” – Pastor David